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EDP Sciences to take on direct hosting and distribution of its journals, previously managed by Cambridge University Press (CUP), for 2015 renewals onwards

Distribution via Cambridge University Press to cease from 2015

EDP Sciences has previously had a partnership with Cambridge University Press for distribution of sixteen of its journals. Starting from the 2015 renewal season, EDP Sciences will now be managing distribution of these journals directly. EDP Sciences’ journals will no longer be available for purchase through Cambridge University Press.

EDP Sciences will be working to the guidelines laid down by the Transfer Code of Practice, ensuring that journal content remains easily accessible by librarians and readers and to ensure that the transfer process occurs with minimum disruption.

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Titles transferring from Cambridge University Press to EDP Sciences from 2015

EDP Sciences will distribute the following journals, previously distributed by Cambridge University Press, from 2015 onwards:

Journal TitlePrint ISSN – Online ISSN
Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology Print ISSN: 0003-4088
Online ISSN: 2100-000X
Aquatic Living Resources Print ISSN: 0990-7440
Online ISSN: 1765-2952
European Astronomical Society Publications Series Print ISSN: 1633-4760
Online ISSN: 1638-1963
ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations Print ISSN: 1292-8119
Online ISSN: 1262-3377
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis Print ISSN: 0764-583X
Online ISSN: 1290-3841
ESAIM: Probability and Statistics Print ISSN: 1292-8100
Online ISSN: 1262-3318
The European Physical Journal - Applied Physics Print ISSN: 1286-0042
Online ISSN: 1286-0050
Fruits Print ISSN: 0248-1294
Online ISSN: 1625-967X
International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering Print ISSN: 2107-6839
Online ISSN: 2107-6847
Journal of Dentofacial Anomalies and Orthodontics Online ISSN: 2110-5715
Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena Print ISSN: 0973-5348
Online ISSN: 1760-6101
Mechanics & Industry Print ISSN: 2257-7777
Online ISSN: 2257-7750
Radioprotection Print ISSN: 0033-8451
Online ISSN: 1769-700X
RAIRO - Operations Research Print ISSN: 0399-0559
Online ISSN: 1290-3868
RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications Print ISSN: 0988-3754
Online ISSN: 1290-385X
Metallurgical Research & Technology Print ISSN: 2271-3646
Online ISSN: 2271-3654


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